Setting up mail
Attaching Files

Attaching files

All paid plans come with file attachments, with a 1GB allowance. You can always see if your plan has file attachments, and your allowance from the settings (opens in a new tab).

File attachments allowance

File attachments allowance

zenshop supports attaching small files in a few ways:

  • Replying to a message
  • Received mail
  • Starting a conversation
  • From the Helpdesk Messenger

Allowing your customers to attach files directly from the Helpdesk Messenger is a feature you'll need to request support to enable.


All paid plans include file attachments, with a total allowance of 1GB.

If you go over this allowance, please reach out to support, we can increase your allowance, or remove some older files to free up space.

Attachment sizes

zenshop supports small file uploads, no larger than 10 MB, please reach out to support if you need larger file attachments.