Using messenger
Solve Questions Automatically

Solve questions automatically from the Helpdesk Messenger

In the default configuration, zenshop Messenger will simply ask your customers to send a message to your Helpdesk.

The default contact form

Default message form

A better approach is to try to solve the customer question from the Helpdesk.

You can do this by setting up conversation topics from Messenger, the customer will select a topic to begin a conversation with.

The enhanced contact form

Enhanced message form

Suggesting a solution

Solution example

You can enable this by toggling Prompt customers to select a topic before starting a conversation in the Helpdesk Messengers settings page.

You'll need to create topics, you can do that from the topic settings Open topics.

We suggest keep topics to only the most commonly asked questions, to avoid reading fatigue from the customer.

Topics work great with articles and the FAQ, because you can suggest solutions also with an article.

Enabling topics

Enable topics