Setting up mail
Configure a Mailbox

Configure a mailbox

When you install zenshop, you're automatically assigned a Mailbox, usually it's something like, replace superstar with your Shopify domain.

You can open your Mailbox settings here (opens in a new tab).

If you're on a Max plan you can use your own domain (like, please contact us if you'd like to set this up.

Mailboxes settings can be found in:

Helpdesk Settings > Integrations > Email.

Mailbox settings

Mail settings

Create multiple mailboxes

You are free to create multiple mailboxes (depending on your plan).

This allows you to provide a different address for different purposes, e.g, support, returns, shipment, etc.

You'll be able to autmatically assign/label these conversations based on the mailbox.

Setup mail forwarding

If you have an existing inbox and want to forward messages into zenshop, we support mail forwarding.